Self care this Valentine’s Day

Hello everyone Valentine’s Day is right around the corner are you sad because you don’t have a Valentines?. I’m here to say don’t be . You thinking lady you are so crazy😍😍😍. Nope I’m not because true love starts from within it is the best love. Love yourself 365 days of the year. Here are four tidbits to love yourself this Valentine’s Day. If you like the ambiance of petals in the tub you might can get red, white, purple, and pink rose petals in your local dollar store or craft store. Place the petals in a nice soapy tub of steamy bath water. Sit in the tub and just relax. This is one of the best things you can do for your self. The second great idea for taking care of yourself this Valentine’s Day is get your best red wine and pour it into a glass and drink it while meal prepping. A glass of red wine helps you relax and is heart healthy.

The last two ideas to take care of yourself this Valentine’s Day is to write a love letter to yourself. Think of all the things you love about yourself. You can write forever. Last but not least treat your self to a pedicure, a nice meal, a good book , or massage. These ideas are for both women and men who don’t have a date this Valentine’s Day. But remember be safe covid is still lingering around.

Don’t forget to love yourself during this Valentine’s Day season that’s the best love.

10Tips on bonding with family And friends this holiday season without using money

  1. Talk with family Or friends on the phone or have a zoom conference.
  2. Leave a kind note to someone.
  3. Tell family and friends you love them Now Because tomorrow is not promised.
  4. Send a pen pal letter to a friend or family.
  5. Drink hot chocolate with family and friends (reminisce )
  6. Drive around a neighborhood and look at people Christmas decoration together
  7. pray for a loved one.
  8. cook a nice meal and share it
  9. Give a hug
  10. sing Christmas carols with loved ones

Election Anxiety

In 2016 I experienced major anxiety during the election and I did not want experience that feeling again. So Natashia Hagans myself made up in my mind that I would take care of self during this election. I want share the following self care regime I used during the election. My first decision decide was not to watched none of the Election on November 3, 2020. Your wondering why because its my civic duty right? Yeah your right but my self care is my health .

Your wondering what I decided to do on election day and here is some tidbits for you also. I turned off all social media platform at 8:00 and I wrote a new poem in my journal. That’s a great outlet. Another great self care outlet I used was turning on relaxing meditation music. One I got in a peaceful space I went to sleep. No anxiety for me in this season over an election. I chose me and I won

What do want manifested in your life?

Hey are you yearning to have a credit card bill paid off, to get married, or to start college. Did you know you can manifest your dreams?

Here is a simple tip that I will be doing for five days. I will be writing a small thing I want to manifest down on paper and say it out loud also. Once you have put it in the atmosphere write it down 55 times for five days on paper. Also write down I affirmation to go with what you want manifested for example: I will have a abundance of money.

Once you have completed the task put the paper away as if you have forgotten about it and watch whatever you wrote be manifested into existence. The Divine says ask and it will be given to you.

Manifest your dreams


Mental health updates

Covid -19 and traveling: Has it affected your mental health.

Hey everyone I know it’s a lot going on in the world today a deadly virus , protest , violence world wide. Some of our summer vacation plans have been completely halted. I was completely disappointed when my trip to Memphis Tennessee was canceled because I’m a consistent traveler. I was a little down at first about not traveling but being safe and staying healthy and alive is more important.

Some great things I have been doing to stay encouraged during the summer since I cant travel is having small gathering with family no more than ten people. It has helped my mental health in many ways. Some great ideas is having a paint party, a zoom meeting with family and friends . Last but not least having game night with family or friends and play games like taboo. It’s good for your mental Health

These are just a few things you can do summer is not completely over and fall is right around the corner so pull out some chairs, eat with less people, chat, mingle and play some fun games.

Mental health resources during the pandemic

Hello everyone I know we are facing hard times in 2020. I just wanted to give a few tips to deal with mental health. Some great outlets that have worked for me is walking, journaling, and mindfulness meditation.

Walking is a great stress reliever since it is summer I would recommend taking a thirty minute walk around a track or trail in the morning with classical music or relaxing music.

Journaling is also a great outlet during this pandemic . Throughout the day write your thoughts and feelings. You can find great journals for cheap at the dollar tree or five below. Good journals at a reasonable prices. I write whatever comes up in my mind that day when journaling so I can release my feelings

Mindfulness meditation has helped me to center my peace and stay grounded during this pandemic. I meditate with Sharon RG she has a business called” Mending Meditations”. Meditation is a great practice to inhale and exhale breaths. Also to scan how your body is feeling.

I hope the information I have provided has helped with dealing with mental health during this pandemic. So remember to walk, write in a journal and meditate.


I have so much on my mind Today

Why so much hate

It feels as if some one cursed the nation

Flags burning

Dead men tombstones doomed

Innocent children dying

Women being murdered in silence

So much hate

So much gun violence

Everyone on edge

Inspite of all

God been directing me

I know my truth of love is real

Everything I talk about is intentional

It’s in Divine order and it’s real

Please stand on the right side of history

Even it means you and the trees whistling

You see God keeps taking me back to the human race

I’m not backing down it’s a solid place

I’m so in tune that topics of the human race finds me

Listen to your intuition

Don’t miss the message while you angry

Anger is healthy

But we have reached the point of rage

Question what can we do to get back in place


Healing words for the people

Because the world is fine

Egos are in the dimensions

But we as people need living words from the divine

Here are some words to restore the soul















Divine inspiration




Living words

Words that are a start to help heal mankind

A start In the right direction

“Gut wrenching”aka Issaflower

Have you ever felt bubbles in the pit of your stomach

Mind racing to catch up with a minute

Fear resides in your stomach

Your days feel like the blues

Paranoia bubbles up from your belly

Vomit of the past and present

It gives you heartburn

Your pulse beat is racing

They say it’s two brains

One in the brain and stomach

The stomach feels the most pain

I mean gut wrenching pain

Gut wrenching

This how anxiety can be like sometimes

From a girl who experienced the pain

Of anxiety

Torn (Poem) Issa flower

My heart is torn

As I twist and turn

My system is out of place

Anxiety is waiting to exscape

Restless in my sleep

Mind in confusion

Just thinking about things

This pandemic has me all confused

Unsure of the Future

Torn into little piece

I feel torn in my bloodstream

Little fragments of me