Natashia Evette Hagans(aka) Issaflower

Published Author, Poet, Writer, Teacher,

  • advocate for mental health
  • write to motivate, inspire, rebirth, and uplift
  • Entrepreneaur
  • Vision Board Party Host
  • Bachelors Degree in Early Childhood Education

About the Author

Natashia Evette Hagans was born at Portsmouth Naval Hospital in, Virginia on August, 13, 1978. She Grew up in Washington D.C and nearby Landover Maryland. Natashia has a Bachelors Degree in Early Childhood Education and is currently teaching and a published author. Natashia passion is writing to inspire herself and others. Natashia has collectively written and engaged in spoken word with several of her heartfelt poems. Many of Natashia poems have been showcased in newsletters and speaking engagements. One of her poems called “Sista’ Hold on tight to the Rope” is published in a book called: “Joyfully in His care: Women living in all circumstances”. She currently has a book that was published March 25, 2020 called : ” Rebirth: Unfolding of the mind through Poetry” a collection of poems. Natashia is an advocate for mental health in her community and believes in bringing awareness to breaking the stigma around mental illness. She also have hosted several vision board parties to encourage people to focus on their visions and live with purpose. A statement she stays true to is “Rebirth your Purpose because you are a flower delicate”.

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