Election Anxiety

In 2016 I experienced major anxiety during the election and I did not want experience that feeling again. So Natashia Hagans myself made up in my mind that I would take care of self during this election. I want share the following self care regime I used during the election. My first decision decide was not to watched none of the Election on November 3, 2020. Your wondering why because its my civic duty right? Yeah your right but my self care is my health .

Your wondering what I decided to do on election day and here is some tidbits for you also. I turned off all social media platform at 8:00 and I wrote a new poem in my journal. That’s a great outlet. Another great self care outlet I used was turning on relaxing meditation music. One I got in a peaceful space I went to sleep. No anxiety for me in this season over an election. I chose me and I won

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