Mental health updates

Covid -19 and traveling: Has it affected your mental health.

Hey everyone I know it’s a lot going on in the world today a deadly virus , protest , violence world wide. Some of our summer vacation plans have been completely halted. I was completely disappointed when my trip to Memphis Tennessee was canceled because I’m a consistent traveler. I was a little down at first about not traveling but being safe and staying healthy and alive is more important.

Some great things I have been doing to stay encouraged during the summer since I cant travel is having small gathering with family no more than ten people. It has helped my mental health in many ways. Some great ideas is having a paint party, a zoom meeting with family and friends . Last but not least having game night with family or friends and play games like taboo. It’s good for your mental Health

These are just a few things you can do summer is not completely over and fall is right around the corner so pull out some chairs, eat with less people, chat, mingle and play some fun games.

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