Mental health resources during the pandemic

Hello everyone I know we are facing hard times in 2020. I just wanted to give a few tips to deal with mental health. Some great outlets that have worked for me is walking, journaling, and mindfulness meditation.

Walking is a great stress reliever since it is summer I would recommend taking a thirty minute walk around a track or trail in the morning with classical music or relaxing music.

Journaling is also a great outlet during this pandemic . Throughout the day write your thoughts and feelings. You can find great journals for cheap at the dollar tree or five below. Good journals at a reasonable prices. I write whatever comes up in my mind that day when journaling so I can release my feelings

Mindfulness meditation has helped me to center my peace and stay grounded during this pandemic. I meditate with Sharon RG she has a business called” Mending Meditations”. Meditation is a great practice to inhale and exhale breaths. Also to scan how your body is feeling.

I hope the information I have provided has helped with dealing with mental health during this pandemic. So remember to walk, write in a journal and meditate.

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